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Tigers (Year 1)

Welcome to Tigers!


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Summer Term 2018

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January 2018 - Welcome back!


Our topic for this term is "Skin, Fur and Feathers".


In Literacy, we have read "The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark" and we have been thinking and writing about all of the wonderful and exciting things that Plop, the baby owl, gets up to at night! Other literacy activities will involve following and writing instructions, investigating information texts, reading and reciting poems and listening to traditional tales. Guided reading, handwriting, spelling and grammar are also part of the literacy lessons.  


In Numeracy, we have started our investigation of half and quarter of shapes and numbers, and identification of 2D shapes.  Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, and counting up to 100 is also part of our lesson each day. We have been calculating one, two and ten more than and less than a given number to 100, as a basis for an understanding of place value. During the term, we will also complete word number problems, money tasks and weighing and measuring. 


Science will include learning about ourselves and other animals, how they live and what they eat. We will also be investigating some of the characteristics of different varieties of animals and how we can sort and group animals according to different criteria, such as carnivores, herbivores or omnivores or vertebrates and invertebrates. An investigation and discussion about healthy eating and where food comes from will also be included in this term's work. 


In Religious Education, the symbols of the Christian church and religion will be looked at and discussed, as well as the symbols and customs of Judaism. 


We have had a super start to this term, busy and working hard.





Here are some photographs of our classroom displays. 
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September 2017: We are the Tigers!

September 2017: We are the Tigers! 1
September 2017: We are the Tigers! 2
September 2017: We are the Tigers! 3

Our topic for this half term is 'Pole to Pole'. Our literacy work will be based around the story 'Poles Apart'. We will also be using non-fiction books to help us find out about the animals in the story. We will be writing stories, poems, postcards and lists, as well as investigating the features of non-fiction texts and doing our own information writing. 


'Poles Apart' will also be linked to our Geography curriculum, through fact finding about places in the story and locating places on a world map. 


During Art sessions, the children will work in groups to produce an igloo out of papier mache, which they will then paint in tones of a colour to demonstrate their understanding of colour mixing. 


In Numeracy, we will continue with our learning and understanding of numbers, shapes, space and measure and telling the time.


In Science, we will continue with our investigation of 'Everyday Materials', moving onto finding out about 'Light'. 


Add to this the Christmas fair, pantomime, parties and Nativity plays, it is going to be a very busy half term! 

Born in a Barn - Christmas 2017