Welcome to the Curzon family. Our school vision is inspiring all to 'Aspire, Believe and Care' ' Let your light shine' 5:16 SCHOOL WEBSITE UPDATE COMING SOON!!!!
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Through Art, we provide children with the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas, feelings and experiences in a visual and tactile form.

Children explore a range of starting points for practical work, such as themselves, their experiences, images, stories, drama, music, natural and man-made objects and environments. They use a range of materials and processes, including painting, collage, print-making, digital media, textiles, sculpture and computing. Children have the opportunity to develop art, craft and design in the locality and in a variety of genres, styles and traditions.
To enhance the art curriculum, we visit museums and local sites and we also invite artists into school to demonstrate and show their work.
Children's work in Art and Design is assessed by making informal 
judgements in lessons and through children's self-assessment.