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Covid-19 Testing

Dear Parents/carers,


The second sample testing phase for the sKID study will take place on Tuesday 7th July.

Unfortunately, only those who were part of the original testing will be able to take part in this next phase.


The doctor in charge of the testing has asked if you would be able to complete the survey monkey survey with your child to give feedback on their experience so far. There is also a copy of the second questionnaire, which your child will need to bring with them on Tuesday to hand back into the team (this was handed out on Thursday if your child was at school and there are additional copies in school if your child was not present and are unable to print these - there is no need to fill out another consent form).


Again, participation in this stage is entirely voluntary, however, the aim of this study is to see how the virus may have spread throughout schools since children returned. As such, the survey team has emphasised both how brilliant all the children have been so far and how much they would appreciate them to continue to help in this important study. 


Many thanks


Curzon Leadership Team