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Dam Competition Results

Year 4, thank you for all your dam entries, it was great to see all your different ideas and approaches. There was a fantastic range of designs and materials used in your dams and between you, there was an example of every type of dam on show.

It can be exceeding difficult to make a structure that will hold back all the water as liquids have the ability to find and squeeze through even the tiniest pathway, as some of you unfortunately found out. It also never stops trying, so even if a dam works to begin with, just one small area where a material can be worn away over time could cause the dam to stop working.


Everyone who has entered will get a prize when we are back at school and those who managed to break the 5-minute mark will also get something extra.


As some of you decided to keep your timers going to see how long your dam would last, I also have a few notable entries – 


Jack, who decided to cause a little local flooding and dam a real river.

Khloe, who built both the dam and a structure to act as the river (also managing to hold the water back for over 2 hours).

Sophie, whose dam was still going strong after 10 minutes.

Thomas, who tried out 3 different designs and beat the 5 minutes with two of them.

Sophia, who was still going after 15 minutes.

Beth, who also kept the ducks happy for over 15 minutes.

and Lauren, whose salt dough dam held back the water for an incredible 6 hours!


Well done to you all, I was extremely impressed with all your attempts and I hope you enjoyed the challenge, even if yours didn’t quite make it. It was also lovely to see how many of you got other members of your family involved, I hope they enjoyed it too!




Khloe, Lauren, Jack, Beth, Emily, Sophie, Thomas P, Sophia and Willow

An amazing variety of dams produced - well done to you all!