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Watch this video - stop and start throughout so you can answer the questions and check your answers.

Then complete the worksheet below and check your answers. 


Similes and Metaphors

Do you know what a simile is?

Do you know what a metaphor is?

Check your answers using the attachments below.


Watch The Dreadful Menace - BBC Winter Olympics trailer


Can you find a simile in this trailer?

Attached below is a copy of the poem to help you find the simile!


Now have a go at writing your own description related to the scene shown in the Winter Olympics trailer. I would like to see lots of similes, metaphors, adjectives and bonus points for any personification!


Take a picture of your work and email it over to me laugh





Read through the planetary fact cards attached below and watch these videos (you could make notes about what you learn about the planets whilst you are watching!)


Once you have read through the fact cards and watched the videos, have ago at making your own poster all about the planets. I would like as much information as possible! When you have finished, get your parent to take a picture of your poster and email it to me laugh