Welcome to the Curzon family - We still have places available for Reception and Year 2 children in September 2021. Visit the Admissions page for more information.
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Welcome toThe Curzon CE Primary School

New Reception Class Sept 2020

Welcome to all our new children and parents who will be starting with us in September.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances we find ourselves in, our usual preparations for you have had to be changed.

We will shortly be sending you an introductory handbook in the post with information about the school, uniforms, expectations and some ideas to help your child prepare for the start of their school life (see the Starting School booklet below).


Take a look at our video tour of the school to help your child familiarise themselves with the layout of the school, classroom and some of the staff and Mrs Walker will also be giving you all a call to introduce herself and answer any questions you have. 


We hope you are all keeping well and look forward to meeting you all soon.

School tour

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Information for starting school

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New Reception Starters 2020/21


Hello, my name is Kathryn Walker and I will be your child’s Reception class teacher. Mrs Crossland (HLTA) will also be working closely with your children. It is unfortunate that we cannot have a face-to-face meeting in school but I hope that the short video will help you with some of the organisational aspects of school. It is worth noting that in these unprecedented times, some of these issues may be subject to change but school will endeavour to update you of any changes if and when they occur.



We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which is a continuation of the provision your child has had this year.

During the first few weeks at school, we will be getting to know your child and completing a baseline. It is important that we always work to your child’s readiness and ability and it is worth remembering that children in Reception can be almost a year apart in age and that does sometimes make a difference.

During the day, the children work in a variety of ways. There will be listening times on the carpet, adult focus activities, self-initiated tasks and lots of time outside.

We will keep you informed of your child’s progress through informal chats, and parent’s evenings in October and February.

We have workshops to inform you about beginning reading, writing and Maths. This year, they were held between 3.00 and 3.30p.m. They are very informal and give you the opportunity to ask questions. You will be given dates of these meetings in September. These may take place by video if current restrictions are still in place again, we will let you know as soon as we know.

The only work we send home is reading books, words and letter sounds and we will send you more information about this in September. At the moment, we are not sending books home due to possible cross contamination and we will let you know about this as soon as possible in September.


What your child will need when they start school.

· A book bag, which can be purchased from the school office.

· A draw string PE bag, with the following items inside:

T-shirt in house colour – to be confirmed by Mrs Martin.


Sweatshirt top

Jogging bottoms

A spare pair of pants/socks/tights.

· Wellington boots to be kept in school.

· If your child has an all-in-one wet weather suit or coat and waterproof bottoms, that will be helpful as they will be spending a good amount of time outside, in all weathers.

· A water bottle with water only please.

· Please do not let your child bring toys to school, as they may be upset if they become lost or broken and they will not have time to play with them. At various times in the year, we ask you to bring certain things into school, in connection with topic work.

· Please label everything. Changing for PE is challenging initially and children need to be able to recognise their clothes.

· During the first few weeks, you may need to send your child with a sunhat. Where possible please apply the sun cream to your child before school.


Medical Matters

· If your child has a temperature and needs Calpol, they should remain at home.

· Any sickness or diarrhoea must be followed by 48 hour absence.

· If your child has prescription medicines, these can be administered at school, however you will need to fill in a form from Mrs Martin in the office.

· Please let us know of any allergies, inhalers or other medical conditions which we need to be aware of.

· Head lice are common. Please check your child’s head regularly and treat as recommended if necessary.


The First Day

Under normal circumstances, your child will start school on Thursday 3rd September, part time and full time from Thursday 10th September.

For the first week the school day is from 9.00a.m. until 1.00p.m. In our experience a shorter day will help your child settle much more quickly and by the time the day is increased the children will be familiar with adults and routines and will therefore be a natural progression.

We will come to the front door to meet your child at the front door and return them to you here at the end of the session.

Please inform us if someone else is collecting your child. We like to have either a photograph of the person collecting or a password.

What to bring on the first day

In September, please could you provide the following:

· Questionnaires to help us get to know your child quickly.

· A photograph of your child and family as a starting point for talking.

· Wellington boots and waterproof as we will be spending lots of time outside.


Ways you can help your child to prepare for school

· Talk positively and openly about school and how lovely it will be.

· Help your child to become independent with toileting. Show them how to wipe themselves and encourage them to do it independently in the weeks leading up to school. We are always there to guide and talk through the process with them.

· Teach your child how to fasten their coats independently.

· Teach your child to be able to change for PE and dress themselves afterwards.

· Teach your child how to cut food and eat using a knife and fork.

All of these skills will help your child to feel more confident and independent in school. However, if your child has not managed to achieve these skills, we will be there to help.


Please be aware that you can email school, or my school email to ask any questions however big or small. I will always try to get back to you quickly.

School email:

My email:

In the next few weeks, I would like to make contact with you by phone for a quick chat. Although we cannot have the regular pre- school visits that we would usually have, we want you to feel confident and happy with the arrangements for September and we look forward to getting to know both you and your child.


Thank you,


Kind regards,


Kathryn Walker