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This week in PSHE we are continuing to look at the emotion of embarrassment. This week we are starting to think of ways to deal with embarrassing situations. 


Read through the power point for this lesson and answer the questions throughout. 

- How have you dealt with embarrassing situations in the past?


Watch the video on fight, flight or freeze and think of situations in the past where you may have used these responses.

Sometimes these are not the best way to deal with these situations, can you think of better ways to deal with embarrassment?


Then read through the scenarios detailed in the power point. Think of ways Macey and Ryan could deal with their embarrassing situations. Then I want you to draw out a picture of this scenario (you can choose Macey or Ryan), including speech bubbles of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Underneath, i would like you to detail a better strategy that they could deal with their situation.