Welcome to the Curzon family - We still have places available for Reception and Year 2 children in September 2021. Visit the Admissions page for more information. School reopens on the 6th September 2021
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The Curzon CE Primary School

Welcome toThe Curzon CE Primary School

School Values

Values, vision and aims of the school
The vision of the School is to be a place of hard work and learning in which personal responsibility and care for others are encouraged. The school has a set of values, principles and beliefs, which represent what it stands for.
Its key values are:
*Commitment to help children achieve the highest standards of which they are capable and to enable them to enjoy all aspects of school life to the best of their abilities.
*Self-esteem and self-discipline, honesty and openness.
*Mutual respect, co-operation with consideration for others.
*Encouragement of an understanding of the meaning and significance of the Christian faith, respecting the school's Anglican foundation.
The aims of the School give the direction it needs to take to achieve its vision.

The Curzon School aims:
*To provide high quality education for all our children within adequate accommodation.
*To create a stimulating environment, developing and encouraging skills in all areas of the curriculum.
*To foster mutual respect and trust among children, in which all feel save and unthreatened.
*To encourage the kind of environment which enables children to become aware of and reflect on, their own spiritual and moral experiences in the light of other faiths, particularly Christianity.
*To develop the range of facilities offered to all children, in particular our ICT provision.
*To have continuing professional development for teaching and support staff and for governors.