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Suggested timetable

Hi Year 5,  

I hope you have had a good first week back after the Easter break and have managed to have a go at last week’s work.  Remember to keep in touch with friends. Why not try Mindful colouring?  

Take care Mrs K and Mr Grigg 😃 

Start each day by doing one of Joe Wicks workouts  His live stream starts at 9am and is 30 minutes of fun exercise. 



Maths (1 hour) 

English (1 hour) 

Afternoon (1 hour+) 


Watch this video 


Then, try adding mixed numbers 


Adding mixed numbers Varied Fluency 

Word of the Day – tantalising 

Write a sentence with a relative clause. 


Poetry Reading comprehension – Leisure. 



Science – Water resistance investigation  

Make three different boat shapes out of tin foil and float them in a bowl of water. Make a paper fan to waft them across the water. Which one do you think will cross the bowl more quickly and why? 



Adding mixed numbers Reasoning and Problem Solving  

Choose one of the Maths games at  

You can choose any area of Maths you want e.g. fractions, addition, multiplication etc. 

Word of the Day – precise 

Write a sentence with a co-ordinating conjunction. (FANBOYS) 

Write A Poem – Part 1 

Watch video  

Brainstorm a poem about where you are from and who you are. You could include ideas about your house, food, family, pets, what you celebrate, what is important to you, where you like to go and your favourite things. Use your senses. You might to include other things too. 


Computing - Scratch 


Or use the Pong cards pdf instead.  




Watch this video 


Then, try subtracting mixed numbers 


Subtracting mixed numbers Varied Fluency 


Word of the Day – sanctuary 

Write a sentence with an expanded noun phrase. 

Write A Poem – Part 2 

Watch video 


Write your poem in draft. 

Try and include: repetition, a variety of sentence lengths, similes or metaphors. 


RE – What would Jesus do? 

Read Sermon on the Mount Matthew Chapter 5 – 7 or watch   

Look at the Gospel Resource Sheet  Which of these 15 do you think are the hardest to follow? Which would make the biggest difference in the world today? Why? 





Subtracting mixed numbers Problem Solving 

Then try some word problems at 

(make sure you put a space between the whole number and the fraction in your answer e.g. 2 3/5) 

Word of the Day – recline 

Write a sentence with a fronted adverbial. 


Film your poem 

Watch video  

Either video your poem or present it to a member of your family. If you would like your teacher to see your poem get your parents to email it (it will need to be saved as a low-quality video). Let them know if you would like it uploading to the class page on the school’s website. 



Topic – See Topic Week 2 pdf document 


Arithmetic test 2a (15 mins) 

Adding and subtracting mixed numbers discussion problems. 


Word of the Day – gathering 

Write a sentence which includes inverted commas. 


SPAG Mat pdf (3 levels of difficulty – choose only one level) 


Word of the Day spelling test 

Reading - Buddy Reading with a sibling, parent or even read to a pet. 

Go back and review this week’s work. Finish off any incomplete work.  


If you have any problems, get your parents to send an email to Mrs K or Mr Grigg and we will reply with some help.