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Suggested Timetable

Hello Year 4s, what a sunny and hot week we’ve just had. I hope you have all been enjoying paddling pools, icy drinks and an occasional ice cream to help you keep cool? This is the final week of the History of the Derwent project, although you could use Tuesday’s ICT lesson to carry on or add finishing touches if you need to. I am looking forward to seeing what you have all found out. 

Keep starting each day by doing one of Joe Wick’s workouts you could pick one of his workouts or join in with the daily 9am live PE lesson it is 30 minutes of fun exercise on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Or If you want a change, why not try one of the dance routines from Oti Mabuse’s ‘Kid’s dance classes’


Maths (1 hour)

English (1 hour)

Afternoon (1 hour +)


I SEE Maths



Word of the Day – effect

Revise Determiners

Read poem – Hero Dad


Topic – The history of the Derwent (Week 3 of 3)


I SEE Maths


Sorting triangles

Word of the Day – affect

Identify and change Determiners for meaning

Write a poem in style


ICT – Make a game on Scratch


I SEE Maths

3-D Shapes 1

Word of the Day – crystal

Summarising stories


Science – Soundproofing


I SEE Maths


3-D Shapes 2

Word of the Day – cryptic

Retelling a story with a storyboard


PSHE – Exploring emotions


Arithmetic Test (15 mins)

TTRockstars (do 1 sound check, then any mode you want to do)

Mr Grigg (Rogue Kramer) has challenged you to 3 rock slams – see if you can beat him.

Then try to arrange a game against your friends in the Arena.

Spelling test – ask your parents/brother/sister to test you on last week’s word of the day spellings.


Identify conjunctions and adverbials – story writing

Social time – call or face time your friends and have a catch up – you could show each other your animations, play games together or just have a chat.


If you finish your maths early and want something else to do, go to and pick any of the maths games to play.


If you have any problems, ask your parents to send an email to and I will reply with some help.