Welcome to the Curzon family - We still have places available for Reception and Year 2 children in September 2021. Visit the Admissions page for more information. School reopens on the 6th September 2021
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Suggested timetable

Hello Year 4s, I hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt last week and were able to catch up with your friends. Every Friday afternoon will be set aside as a social time now to make sure you all have a chance to speak to eachother. I will put some larger group activities on every few weeks but you can always have smaller calls with your friends and maybe make up some games to play between yourselves. Mrs Stevens and I are missing you all and looking forward to when we will all be back together.


Keep starting each day by doing one of Joe Wick’s workouts you could pick one of his workouts or join in with the daily 9am live PE lesson (which lasts about 30 minutes and all money he gets from these is being donated to the NHS)



Maths (1 hour)

English (1 hour)

Afternoon (1 hour +)


I SEE Maths

Rounding decimals

Word of the Day – were and we’re

Comprehension – poetry


Class Video

Topic 1


I SEE Maths

Halves and quarters

Word of the Day – there, their and they’re

Grammar - Expanded noun phrases


Topic 2


I SEE Maths

Pounds and pence

Word of the Day – which and witch


Quick-fire write - Pets


Science - this involves going outside so check the weather forecast and do this on a nice day.


I SEE Maths

Ordering money


If you finish both of these, go to


And pick any of the maths games to play (you can choose any area of maths e.g. addition, fractions, multiplication etc)

Word of the Day – here and hear


Spelling test – ask your parents/brother/sister to test you on last week’s word of the day spellings.


Quick-fire write - Trees




Bank Holiday – why not make some time to call

your friends and have a catch 

up or play a game together?

If you have any problems, ask your parents to send an email to and I will reply with some help.