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Suggested Timetable

Hello Year 4s, I have seen some fantastic stop motion animations from the meander and ox-bow lake. They are all on the first page of the home schooling if you want to see what other people created. I have given you a sporty challenge this week, can any of you can beat me?  

Also, there is a dam-building competition – I will announce the winner after half term so you have plenty of time to get your entries into me. Good luck.

I hope you are all keeping well. Hopefully, it won’t be too long now until we’re all back together.


Keep starting each day by doing one of Joe Wick’s workouts you could pick one of his workouts or join in with the daily 9 am live PE lesson (which lasts about 30 minutes and all money he gets from these is being donated to the NHS)


For the reading each afternoon this week, you could listen to the story – The Character Strikes Back - that I have put on the stories section of the class pages.



Maths (1 hour)

English (1 hour)

Afternoon (1 hour +)


I SEE Maths

Hours, minutes and seconds

Word of the Day – Embankment

Comprehension – Captain Tom


Topic – Dam competition


I SEE Maths

Years, months, weeks and days

Word of the Day – Force

Story – Day 1


PE challenge


I SEE Maths

Analog to digital 12-hours

Word of the Day – Pressure

Story - Day 2


Science – Environmental changes


I SEE Maths

12-hour to 24-hour

Word of the Day – Gravity

Story – Day 3




Arithmetic Test (15 mins)

TTRockstars (do 1 soundcheck, then any mode you want to do)

Mr Grigg (Rogue Kramer) will be in the arena from 10am until 10:30 am if you want to challenge him.

Spelling test – ask your parents/brother/sister to test you on last week’s word of the day spellings.


Story - Day 4

Social time – call or face time your friends and have a catch up – you could show each other your animations, play games together or just have a chat.


If you finish your maths early and want something else to do, go to and pick any of the maths games to play.


If you have any problems, ask your parents to send an email to and I will reply with some help.