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Tigers (Year 1)

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Our topic for the Summer Term 1 is "How does your garden grow?".


During literacy lessons, we will be reading and writing traditional tales and poems, producing story maps and writing captions. We will also be reading and writing about our favourite SUPERHERO! Information texts about plants of the world will be used across the curriculum. Guided reading sessions will include both fiction and non-fiction texts about the world around us. The children will continue to use lists, labels and signs, as well as writing letters and descriptive writing. 


In Science, we will identifying and naming a variety of plants, including flowers and trees. We will discuss the characteristics of different types of plants and what they need to grow. We will be investigating fruit and vegetables and how and where they grow and where to find the seeds! We will try to grow different plants under different conditions and decide why the plants grow differently. 


In Numeracy, number and place value continue to be our focus. We are investigating numbers to 100 and how the number patterns and number families work together. Counting in tens, twos and fives will further increase the knowledge and understanding of these numbers. Addition and subtraction as number sentences and as part of problem-solving activities will be the primary functions learnt, including examples involving money. Doubling and halving are demonstrated as being related. Shape, Space and Measure activities include 2D shapes and their properties, weighting and measuring using uniform non-standard units, capacity experiments and investigations, and time to the hour and half-hour. In all of these activities, mathematical language will be reinforced. 


In RE, the children will find out about some of the traditions of Judaism and read favourite Bible stories.


During Topic work, we will investigate our local environment, focusing on the flora around us. Trees through the Spring and Summer will be compared and differences identified.  


Art includes themes from several curriculum areas, including painting and drawing on different scales, and shape investigations when thinking about how famous artists used colour and shape. We will also complete a whole class display for the hall and make papier mache models outside when the weather is a bit more favourable!


During PE, the children are learning to play handball, and are learning a whole class dance routine!


Spelling tests have been introduced and will continue for the rest of the year.  









Our topic for this half term is 'We are Britain'. During literacy, we will be reading stories and poetry by famous British authors and poets and will write stories based around famous characters from British classics, like Paddington Bear and Winnie-the-Pooh.


'We are Britain' will be linked to our Geography and History curriculum, finding out about the famous cities and landmarks in our country, and famous British people.


R.E. involves discussion and recording about Belonging - to a family, school, club or country. 


Numeracy will focus on place value and addition and subtraction, as well as an understanding of shape, space and measures. 


Our Science topic is "Everyday Materials". We will investigate the materials we can find at school and at home and what they are used for and how useful they are. We will use our information to design, make and test our own umbrella!


In Art, we will be using a range of materials to develop skills in using colour, line, pattern and texture. We will also look at the work of famous artists. 


Our topic for the second half of the term will be  'Pole to Pole'. Our literacy work will be based around the story 'Poles Apart'. We will be using non-fiction books to help us find out about the animals in the story. We will be writing stories, poems, postcards and lists, as well as investigating the features of non-fiction texts and doing our own information writing. 


'Poles Apart' will also be linked to our Geography curriculum, through fact finding about places in the story and locating places on a world map. 


During Art sessions, the children will work in groups to produce an igloo out of papier mache, which they will then paint in tones of a colour to demonstrate their understanding of colour mixing. 


In Numeracy, we will continue with our learning and understanding of numbers, shapes, space and measure and telling the time.


In Science, we will continue with our investigation of 'Everyday Materials', moving onto finding out about 'Light'. 


Add to this the Christmas fair, pantomime, parties and Nativity plays, it is going to be another very busy half term! 

Take a look at the photos of our artwork!