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This week in topic we are looking at the different Antarctic Expeditions. Your task today is to write a non- chronological report based on what happened on four antarctic expeditions, these expeditions are:

  • The Discovery 1901 – 1904​

  • The Nimrod 1907-1909​

  • The Endurance 1914 – 1918​

  • The Quest 1921 - 1922


Attached below is a powerpoint presentation for you to read through. The Powerpoint provides you with all of the links you will need to find out the information about each of the expeditions. Think about who/when/where/what/why, for each expedition and answer these in your report. It may be a good idea to write some notes first, and then write it up in full. The powerpoint also provides a link to a video which will inform you about what a non-chronological report is, and how to write one. You should write up your report across a two-page spread. And finally, embellish!