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History of the Derwent


Week 3 of 3


The river Derwent has seen many changes over the years. It has played an important part in early industries and has been changed or used in lots of different ways. 


I would like you to research the history of the river Derwent and create a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation with your information. Remember to put ‘for children/ks2/kids’ when searching on the internet.


Your presentation must have an introduction explaining what it is about and go in chronological order of the changes.



You must also include information, pictures and dates for all the changes that you find saying where it is, what was built/changed, why it was built/changed, what impact did it have on the river or the people at the time?



As a minimum you should include: 

the building of at least one mill 

the building of a dam/reservoir

creation of a tourist attraction/town

creation of a sports club/arena

a time when flooding caused a problem    


and any other interesting changes that you want to include.



I’d love to see your presentations when they are done and I will add them to our class page if you want me to.