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Welcome toThe Curzon CE Primary School

Week 6

Mrs K and I would like to create a video where we all pass something in a relay around the class.


Look at this video to get an idea of what I mean: and the Year 4 video in the gallery


To do this, we would like you all to film yourself for a few seconds getting a tennis ball which will pass in from your left as you face the camera and throw it out of shot to your right. This way, when I put all your videos together, it will look like everyone is passing it to the next person.

(If you don't have a tennis ball, you could use a screwed up ball of paper).


Once the ball has come into you, pick it up (or catch it) then wave, dance, do a trick with a football or anything else you can think of, before you throw it on to the next person. You don’t need to say anything because I will take the sound off everyone’s video and put a song in the background.


When you’re finished, ask your parents to email the video to and I will put them all together.


Please send me your clip by Thursday so I can put the video on the website by Friday.


Have fun, I’m looking forward to seeing what you all do.