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Wow Work

Here is a wonderful picture Amisa sent during Easter showcasing her fabulous drawing skills. Thank you Amisa
Look at this little superstar's work station. We are super proud of all the hard work you are doing and how beautiful and neat it all looks. Thank you for sharing it with us. Well done you, keep it up smiley
Below are some pictures from another superstar Year 3. He has been super busy completing all his school work. We love your shop we will definitely have to recreate this in our classroom when we are back in school. Look how creative he has been with the creation story work - we are very impressed. Looks like he has been busy with his brother creating a rainbow for their window which i am sure has brought some happiness to people walking past for their daily exercise. We are so proud of you. Keep up your excellent work.
Look at these fab Target Challenge videos. Thank you so much for sharing these. I know you were practising hard all week to improve your aim. What great determination and perseverance! Mr Singh will be very proud.

Target Challenge

Still image for this video
Great target challenge - Love your celebration star jumps! Thank you for sharing :-)

Target challenge

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Wow this is a high target challenge makes me feel a little dizzy! Thank you for sharing :-)

Target Challenge 3.mp4

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A super aim - Thank you so much for sharing :-)

Target Challenge 4.MOV

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What an aim! Great throw - Thank you for sharing :-)

Target Challenge

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Look at this creative target challenge! Super speedy pizza delivery... Thank you so much for sharing :-)

Target challenge

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Look at this super high throw. Great shot! Thank you for sharing :-)

Target Challenge 7.MOV

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Another great shot. Well done! Think the dog wanted a go...! Thank you for sharing :-)
Thank you to all who have shared already. We are waiting for a few more target challenge videos to turn them into a movie so watch this space!
Love these beautiful pictures. Its so lovely to see what you've been doing at home. It looks like you've been having a wonderful time and been learning to do some brilliant things. We are so glad to see you happy and smiley. All these brilliant activities and you are still finding time to do some fab school work as well - I spy an amazing workstation amongst these photos. We are so very proud of you!
It's so lovely to receive your letters. Tommy, you are doing so many great things thank you so much for writing to us. I am looking forward to hearing about the plants you are growing. Not being able to mark the wonderful work you are producing is hard but I will see it all when we are back in school. Keep trying your best. We are very proud of you working so hard on your school work especially when working at home has so many distractions.
Here is some wonderful English work by Toby. Thank you for teaching me so much about Meerkats. Toby, your work is wonderfully presented and detailed you put in so much effort. Well done you, keep it up - we are so very proud of you! 
Look at this amazing circuit video. Deaf awareness week inspired this absolute superstar to produce a football themed circuit challenge. Move over Joe Wicks is all I can say! There is so much thought and planning gone into making this video along with the signing. We will certainly be doing these circuits as our daily exercise this week. We are extremely proud of you. Thank you so much for sharing.

Circuit video.mp4

Still image for this video
A future ballerina.... A super chalk drawing. Think this would look fab framed. It really is so lovely to see your home school work thank you for sharing.
A smiley face we are missing seeing in school everyday and some beautiful origami. Thank you for your email it's so lovely to hear what you've been up to.  
We've been hearing lots about year 3 birthday celebrations during lockdown. It was so lovely to see pictures of this birthday girls celebrating...
Have a listen to this beautiful violin playing. What a ideal time to use to practise playing a musical instrument. I know Mrs K has been using lockdown to learn to play some new instruments. I wonder if any other year 3's have been playing any instruments?

Violin playing.mp4

Still image for this video
Amisa has been super busy again sending us lots of work. We are very impressed with your super English work. It's lovely to see you continuing to practise your beautiful neat joined up writing. The amount of detail you are putting into your English work is great to see. We are extremely proud of you for working so hard at home and trying your very best. We've been really happy to hear from mum too about all the lovely creative ways you have been keeping in touch with your friends. Well done Amisa smiley
Take a look at this superstars home school work. Tommy has sent us an astonishing amount of amazing work. We wanted to say well done to Tommy (and Mum) for working so hard. We know its not easy working at home and we are so very proud of Tommy for taking such pride in his work smiley
We have a future Nigella in the making... What a fabulous activity which gives this superstar maths, english and science opportunities with the bonus of having a yummy treat at the end! Love the presenting skills too. Well done. What a starsmiley

Still image for this video

Take a look at Toby C's amazing score in the picture below. Toby continues to astound us with his Times Tables speed. He is creeping up the leader board passing many year 4, 5 and even year 6's surprise

We love your determination Toby despite already being very good at your Tables you are pushing yourself to get even better. Well done you superstar smiley