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The Curzon PTFA raises valuable funds every year for the enrichment of children at The Curzon School, by organising events and activities throughout the school year for parents and children alike to enjoy. The money raised buys equipment and resources for the school, as well as subsidising trips and treats for the children. The PTFA gives an excellent opportunity to provide closer links between parents and the school, and brings staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal. Our team relies exclusively on volunteer help and new members are always welcome. We have a new Committee this year, who are:


Daniel, Jo and Will 


 Chair- Daniel


Secretary - Jo


Treasurer-  Will 


Join us 

All parents are automatically members of the PTFA. We generally meet once a term and parents are most welcome to come along. We are always looking for new fundraising ideas and meetings are your chance to ask questions and give your opinion. During the meetings fund raising events are arranged and donations for items that have been requested are considered. Class Reps from each year group attend our meetings, so if you are unable to attend you can put any suggestions forward to them, email us, send us a message on Facebook, or find one of us at the school gate.


How we raise our money 

Our main funds are raised through events that we run throughout the year. Generally, we have a disco in February, Easter Bingo, a fabulous May Ball and a Summer Fair. This year we will see the return of the popular barn dance ins September and the year wouldn’t be complete without the excitement of the Christmas Fair. These main events are supplemented by cake sales, freeze pop Fridays and the sale of refreshments and raffle tickets throughout the year and the personalised Tea Towels and Christmas Cards that the children have done for the last few years.


We are also registered with which generates a donation to the PTFA when you shop online via the website, with companies such as Amazon, John Lewis, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, etc. It is simple to register and we do raise money very easily this way with NO extra cost to you. Please follow our personalised link, at the bottom of the page, to the Curzon School PTFA to register and shop.


The school benefits tremendously from the additional funds raised by the PTA and involvement creates many opportunities for parents to be more involved in school life. Suggestions on what funds can be spent on generally come from the teaching staff but sometimes the children have a request or the PTFA may have identified an item or experience that would be beneficial.

Here are just a few of the projects made possible by funding from the PTA

New laptops and iPads

Funding for new classroom

New project for 2018/19 - Additional winter play area/ sports court

During the current school year, the PTFA will donate just over £10,000 to school! This money has facilitated the purchase of books for the school reading scheme, Year 4 singing tuition, welcome gifts for the Reception children, school newspapers, drumming lessons, school trips together with a large contribution to the new sports field project. This amount also includes a donation of £2,000 which the PTFA commits to every year for general resources.

The children enjoy a trip to the pantomime at Christmas, a Christmas party, a Commemoration Day celebration and a drama workshop day all funded by the PTFA.


How we get the information to parents 

  1. Emails via class representatives.
  2. Texts and flyers for events
  3. The school notice board
  4. PTFA newsletters
  5. Postings on Facebook (Please follow Curzon PTFA)
  6. Postings on the school website
  7. Our PTFA UK platform


How can we get you involved? 

There are lots of ways you can help and support your child through the PTFA. Offering to help at events or other times during the year, making donations of goods, time and contacts is invaluable to us, and every offer is gratefully received. The PTFA is only as successful as it is thanks to the many unseen helpers that exist in school.


Join the school lottery 

September 2018 will see the launch of our brand new School Lottery. For as little as £1 per week you will be entered into a draw for a school community cash prize every week, as well as being entered into a draw for a chance to win £25,000! Spread the word as the lottery is open to everyone. Follow the link at the bottom of the page for more information and to sign up.


The new committee are really keen that our PTFA is an open forum for each and every parent, teacher and alumni member to help them feel able to contribute to this wonderful school in a more social setting!

Contact us at the bottom of the page.


Please visit and like our Facebook page. It's easy to find under Curzon PTFA

PTFA AGM minutes October 2021